Why native speakers say "like" a lot?

I received a really interesting question from one of my members last week. She asked me that, "How to use the word 'like' like a native speaker?". Although English is not my first language, I do say 'like' a lot when I speak, but I didn't even notice it until she asked me.

While the word 'like' does have several meanings that we could find in text books, English speakers usually use it multiple times in their sentences in order to explain or give more information about what is said before that. However, even saying 'like' many times while speaking could make you sound more natural, many native speakers think that this is extremely annoying and disruptive. Therefore, I do think that it is necessary for English learners to understand why people use 'like' in their sentences, but not to overuse it as a way to make yourself sound more, like, natural.